My ideas an work

After all the research i have done so far i have desided that i would like to make work basted around the asfetic quolitys of Vermeer’s work. trying to use the light in the same or similer way that he not to really botherd about the compersishion or objects in his work as I dont wont to take my work down a litteral path, making more or less remakes off his work not that there is anything rong with this. i just feel that there are many more ways to look at this and i would like to exsplore them. i also feel there is more room to put myself into the work if i am less litteral as there isnt as many rules for me to follow.

my first thourghs are to use a single light sorce to light up what ever my subject maybe, things like tv’s or computers, try and play around with some one sat watching tv and see how well the light eloomenates them and there surrounding’s.

i think that just using a tv or computer screen will not give off enough light. to over come this im going to us light inside a hollow shell of a monitor as there will be more power from this.

First shoot

Here are my first attempts. i am not shore what i think about these first 2. I have played around with coloured assertate to try and give the effect of colours coming from the tv. also i have done this with a different colour in the last 2. for the other three i have just shot them with no fake colours just the light straight from the lamp inside the tv. i think that these work best. i chose for the module to be in his underwear as i think the idea behind this work is now becoming more about how people can be sucked in by tv and things on there computer ( The Media ) and loose hours off there lifes with out realising it. so i wonted it to have a feel off someone who was awake in the dead of night couldnt sleep perhaps and found them selfs sat for a long time just stairing at a television. I am shore in some way people can relate to this as most people must have been unable to sleep some time in there lifes and sat up all night whatching trash.

These photographs need a bit of touching up before any of them can be used but after that i think i will keep working in this way and shoot some more with different modules in different locations and see how this can develope.


After having a small group critique points were raised. one point being that to have the model in his underwear may give off the wrong conations changing the meaning off what i am doing and making people think maybe more sexual thoughts were as this was not ment. The model in his underwear was ment to say that it was night time he was in bed but just got up as he couldn’t sleep. So maybe try this again with clothing that is less suggestive to the viewer. The second point that was brought to my attention was that i should try and use the light from a tv instead of putting fake lights inside because then maybe i would get slight colour casts but ones that look really as apposed to completely flooding out the picture by using asertate.

So back to the drawing bored to try this again with these points in mind.

Second shoot

Second shoot tried using a different model and this time using a computer also i haven’t messed around with the lighting i decide to take the advise i was given and tried using the light from the computer.




I think that this was quite a successful shoot i liked using the lighting of the computer as it gave a more really feeling plus it was quite fun because it was kind of random the kind of colours that i would get as the colours on the screen were changing all the time. One problem i have come across after doing this shoot as it was a spear of the moment shoot i use equitement that wasn’t mine and didn’t think that so far i have shoot my work on 6-6 were as this i shoot on 6-7 so i am going to have to make shore i make an appropriate crop to make it fit in with the rest.

As far as shooting on 6-6 goes i am enjoying it i am definitely thinking more and more about every little detail that may effect my images is each shoot is that bit more precious than on digital or 35ml.

Moving Forward

Now that i have used both the actual light off a tv and also tried to recreate the light myself using lamps i feel that it is better to use the actual light coming from the tv or monitor what ever it might be as u get a serten realism about it which adds grounding to the picture and i feel puts more emfersise on the tv which is a big part. It becomes more tv related than just becoming lighting.

Next shoot

With the making of these images i was challenged a bit more than the shoots i had done before. This was because i was using a laptop which had a small screen meaning that there was less light given out, making it almost impossible to shoot if i had the shutter speed any slower there would be movement from the model. I feel that this image needs to be lighter but no much just so u can see a small bit of the background instead of just complete darkness other than that i think it works well.




the work of Paul Plews.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Here are the works off aword wining Paul Plews and ex photography student at blackpool univercity. These are a remake of a modlen classic the take from the work of j vermeer using the stlyiscs that vermeer also used and also dressing his modles in a symiler way not the same cloths but somthing from that earer classicly tradistional clothing. hes use a very dull background with nothing going on so that the views vision is not detracted from the subject that is were your focuse lies. This work is going to be very good to help me if i keep them in mind when doing my work they are so like the classics from vermeer but photographs so using the too to comper from each other and help me move my work on.


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