More research!

Paul Graham

Here is some work by the photographer paul graham.


The main reson i am looking at this work is for the subject matter as its so similer to mine. a range of people photographed while there watching the tv with just a little bit of imformation left in the background maybe to help the viewer get a feel for the person within the image. In his work he has lite his the hole room to make shore his models are well lite as his work is more portraits driven where as mine is less of a protrait in facted so far the faces of my models have been coming out bleeched and i saw this as a problem i nee to figer out, however i now wont it this way as i wont to keep the identety of my models slightly hidden as the models are there to repercent people instead of reprecenting a individual person.

I think the main thing that has come about from looking at this seires of work is that i need to look at a wide age group my only truble is finding models!

Todd Deutsch

This seires intitled Gamers is by the photographere Todd Deutsch.

This seires of work is again along similar lines as the work i looked at by Paul Graham looking at gamers playing on there computers or consuls instead of people watching tv. In this work the lighting is closer to the kind of light i am after its seems to have quite dierectional light and most of the images seem like there is probably only one light source. In this work like the other work they have chosen to exclude the tv, computer or monitor what ever it maybe were as in my work i think i need to keep atleast a small part of the tv or monitor in shot to show the viewer were the light is coming from and then they can see its a tv or computer. This is so the viewer will then hopefully question what it is that the model is looking at what they are so transfixed with.


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