More research!

Shauna Frischkorn

Here is an artist that was shown to me again dealing with similar subjects. This series is called ” Game Boys” its a series of portraits of people playing computer games. i really like the darkness of the background this is similar to one of the images i have done i would like to take my images this way maybe not quite as dark still keeping a small bit of detail in the background but nothing to descriptive about the model in shot as i am trying to keep them pretty neutral as they simply represent the public.

My work.

This picture i feel is similar to the work of Frischkorn

I really like the way the model is engulfed by the darkness and how the light falls more or less just on the model not letting u explore the surrounding’s i think this is good as u don’t get distracted by anything else and focus on the model saying that i dnt think the image works as well as its more a portrait almost unlike the rest the face is easy to see and recognize but as i said before i would like the model to become a symbol almost.


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