Vermeer remakes



This work is by an artist called Hendrick Kerstens. He was clearly inspired by Vermeer’s peace “The girl with a pearl earring” in these images he has replicated Vermeer’s work but then to make it his own put a twist on it, he has done this by putting modern clothing onto the model ( his daughter ) things like swimming hats , hair nets and towels. He has lite his images the same as u would expect of a Vermeer peace and also has use a background that is simple and plane allowing the model to stand out and not talking away to much of your focus. i really like this set off images but with my own work i would like to be less literal maybe making it so that it isn’t apparent at first that my influence has come form the dutch painter.






I have also been looking at work by the artist called Jonathan Janson again this artist has been replercating  Vermeer’s work still adding modern items but taking his inspiration form a broad range of his work instead of just “the girl with a pearl earing”


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