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After completeing this project i a prity happy with the resualts of the work that i got. altho there is room for improvement i felt that the lighting needed to be looked at. After working with a 5 x 4 camer i have enjoyed the challenge and getting to no these camera better has given me more conferdence and hopfully keep using this in the futcher if using this camer suit  a perticuler project that i may be working on. The slow prosece that using 5 x 4 has made me work in is help full and i am going to carry this through into other work as it make me cosider much more what is included with in the image why it is inclueded and what its relevence to the idea is.



Here is an other shoot i have done this one hasn’t worked as good tho, the shot is to cluttered and there are to any shadows of things like the lamp and the bit of the wall that sticks out all this takes away from the focus from the model. Also colours coming off the tv have bled to much and the images just come out looking strange almost like when i tried to recreate that effect with coloured assert ate. they also have a slight different feel as u can see most of teh model were as the others you cans so i loose some of the consistantsy that goes with the rest of my images. i think this one is a right off or there is alot to change in a re-shoot.



After a critque with a visiting lecture i desired to re-shoot this photo as the first one was to dark. having done this i think it now fits into the sieres better however i would like this image some were in between this and its darker version in fact i think if all my images were darker it would be better as i think it makes the images feel a little bit more lonely. my message being about tv and the internet how u can talk on chat rooms and things like facebook to millions of people but at the end of they day ur still on ur own there is no substertute for physical human interaction. don’t let the the media and internet take away are lives were will it end.

the second image is the one i am going with but unedited i have chosen this one as there is no light  on the front of the laptop and there is in the others. This is because i had to cheet and not use just the light of the laptop i used a light as well to add extra light. By using the image with the light not on the front of the laptop it should hopefully come across as  just the light from the laptop. i would have liked  to colours better to look more like the colours from the screen but again the lamp adds some yellowy worth . saying all that i think it is a successful image.


Here is a contact sheet with some images that are being used for final images on. i am pretty happy with this project tho there are some things i would like to re-shoot in fact i would love to re-shoot everything to get it perfect however here is not more time. i have enjoyed doing this so much that i think i am going to keep working on this in my own time to create a larger body off work on this subject. hopefully getting it marked will help me to stear my next steps closer to perfection.

crit with Dinu Li

these images above are for image that i have taken to a visiting lecture that lecture being Dinu Li. This was quite scary for me i have never really shown my work to any one else be4 other than teach that i have had or my peers.

we sat there for around 20 mins and disscused my work he looked at my work then we talked aboubt the idea. in a preves crit i was told to make what it was that the subjects are looking at clearer. however Dinu Li sed that he like the fact he didnt no it ment that any one viewing the work can make this dessition for them selfs it could be any think they could be checking there email or they are talking to some one on the internet who noes. i was told that the image of a man in his under were waqs the best chose beacuse ot would bring about different conertations that what i wonted. more sexual ones but he sed this is fine maybe the man is watching porn maybe the girl is watching porn maybe they all are does this really matter.

I told Dinu that becouse i was working on 5 x 4 it was slowing my proses down and making me think more about what i do more. it made me stop and cosider every little detail as apposed to my normal aproach which would be more frow away photography maybe not cosidering every little details. he told me that if that is a kind of approach that works for me then dnt move away from it the same to anyone who has an approach that works for them why change it if its not broken.

Saying that i did keep working in this new more cosiderit way as i felt it was better that my old style, and here are some of the result from working like this.


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