Vice Magazine Photography Competition


For the commotion brief i am think of doing a sieres of photos of people coming out of a chemist in a ruff area typically ruff looking people i have been looking at the work of David Gillinger as a good example to show what i mean by typically ruff looking people.


i wont to shoot people like this is because i think they make a very good stereo typical model of poorer people offcoures not all poor people look like this or act like these people in the photos. i am leaning towards photographing more drug related people than just ruff here are some more images by Gilinger of what i see and so does he to be ( smack rats) drug uses.


after looking at these images i have defenetly decided what to do. i happen to no a chemist in Anfield i ruff part of Liverpool and i no the kinds of characters that go in and out of this chemist. i would love to take picturs of the people who are going in and out of this place to get methadone. i find this people very intersting to look at and i think would make a good subject also they sorely represent a poorshen of poor people. As being a junkie doesn’t come with out its cost. Seeing a picture of that kind of person hopefully would then spark of people imaginations and they would hopfully be thinking of things like what there homes are like and very quickly make a how picture for thesse characters in there head.

After looking at this work i didnt really no what other work i could look at so i have been looking at millenum images to see if there are any photos on there that can help altho all the photos are singuler and not as part of a series but still and help is good help.




like i sed these are some images that i have found from millenum images all to do with drug abuse. its not so much drug abuse i wont to look at but types of poeple. when i sereached on millenum i noticed that there were a ver sterotypical type of people that were in the results i wont to look a very sterotpical type of people.

My Images


my ideas changed a little bit because of lack of funds to get to were i wonted to take the picture. so i figured there were the same kind of people all over the even in blackpool esspetialy in Blackpool so i went looking for them. I felt intimidated by some of them so i was scared to approach them and in the end just took photos of people who  through represented a typical stereo type of poor. In the end i left it to late and there isn’t an time to improve but i don’t think its to bad.

Other work!

I think i came at this work in the wrong way i should have took a more documenty approch. instead of stoping and approaching these people i should have taken the images with out them knowing, i would have got more really sitations and really carecters thinking about it i dnt really no why i do this work the way i did. im not the strogest of documentry photographers but i no i can do it and get better results that this. as an example of the work i can poduce and also the approach i should have taken here are some images that i took in true documenty style while i was in New York.







Here are some examples of documentry photography that i can produce, for some resson probly not thinking eought i didnt think to much into what i was  doing.


to do this project agen or what would make it better is one if i befriend some people of the right steroytype i was looking for and done a study on the and also if i took a more documentry aproch instead of stoping people and asking to take there photo take it as they are unawear and why they are doing somting then i will get more reall and true images plus i think looking into using black and whit could be good as i could get a more gritty grimy feel to the images.


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