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January 7, 2008

Vice Magazine Photography Competition


For the commotion brief i am think of doing a sieres of photos of people coming out of a chemist in a ruff area typically ruff looking people i have been looking at the work of David Gillinger as a good example to show what i mean by typically ruff looking people.


i wont to shoot people like this is because i think they make a very good stereo typical model of poorer people offcoures not all poor people look like this or act like these people in the photos. i am leaning towards photographing more drug related people than just ruff here are some more images by Gilinger of what i see and so does he to be ( smack rats) drug uses.


after looking at these images i have defenetly decided what to do. i happen to no a chemist in Anfield i ruff part of Liverpool and i no the kinds of characters that go in and out of this chemist. i would love to take picturs of the people who are going in and out of this place to get methadone. i find this people very intersting to look at and i think would make a good subject also they sorely represent a poorshen of poor people. As being a junkie doesn’t come with out its cost. Seeing a picture of that kind of person hopefully would then spark of people imaginations and they would hopfully be thinking of things like what there homes are like and very quickly make a how picture for thesse characters in there head.

After looking at this work i didnt really no what other work i could look at so i have been looking at millenum images to see if there are any photos on there that can help altho all the photos are singuler and not as part of a series but still and help is good help.




like i sed these are some images that i have found from millenum images all to do with drug abuse. its not so much drug abuse i wont to look at but types of poeple. when i sereached on millenum i noticed that there were a ver sterotypical type of people that were in the results i wont to look a very sterotpical type of people.

My Images


my ideas changed a little bit because of lack of funds to get to were i wonted to take the picture. so i figured there were the same kind of people all over the even in blackpool esspetialy in Blackpool so i went looking for them. I felt intimidated by some of them so i was scared to approach them and in the end just took photos of people who  through represented a typical stereo type of poor. In the end i left it to late and there isn’t an time to improve but i don’t think its to bad.

Other work!

I think i came at this work in the wrong way i should have took a more documenty approch. instead of stoping and approaching these people i should have taken the images with out them knowing, i would have got more really sitations and really carecters thinking about it i dnt really no why i do this work the way i did. im not the strogest of documentry photographers but i no i can do it and get better results that this. as an example of the work i can poduce and also the approach i should have taken here are some images that i took in true documenty style while i was in New York.







Here are some examples of documentry photography that i can produce, for some resson probly not thinking eought i didnt think to much into what i was  doing.


to do this project agen or what would make it better is one if i befriend some people of the right steroytype i was looking for and done a study on the and also if i took a more documentry aproch instead of stoping people and asking to take there photo take it as they are unawear and why they are doing somting then i will get more reall and true images plus i think looking into using black and whit could be good as i could get a more gritty grimy feel to the images.


Personal Space

January 6, 2008


Here is a personal space defanition taken off the internet.

Personal space is the region surrounding each person, or that area which a person considers their domain or territory.[1] Often if entered by another being without this being desired, it makes them feel uncomfortable. The amount of space a being (person, plant, animal) needs falls into two categories, immediate individual physical space (determined by imagined boundaries), and the space an individual considers theirs to live in (often called habitat). These are dependent on many things, such as growth needs, habits, courtships,

personal space being the space closely around a person and then becoming places they people occupie such as rooms in a house a house its self a car anything to think more abstract things like dirays phones computers things that are some ones with there personal things on.

intruding on peoples personal space is they way i wont to take this project.

personal space diagram

personal space

this shows the different degrees of personal space. one being public space there for the space one would leave from themselfs and a complete stranger and then the other extreme would be intimate space, which would relate to being close to some one touching and feeling perhaps close enough to feel other peoples breath.

this could be useful in helping me decide what i wont to  do i wont to look at something quite intimate, personal, social or public and how do i show this within my images. so i feel i wont to intrude on peoples as my first through. i wounder what it would be like to mix more than one of these degrees of intermusy together. first throughs are when poeple are some were public but dnt think there being watched, this would kind of be mixing to things together. maybe as a idea cars. when poeple do things such as sing along to the raido in there car and you catch site as they are driving pasted i dnt feel this is a grate idea but its a starting point.


Linus Ricard




this work is the work of photographer Linus Ricard.  i dnt feel that this work is looking at personal space of if it is its not the main focuse of the work. All these images are taken within a locker room / changing room. these spaces are normally fairly none descriped perhaps appart from maybe the coulor of them using such could like pink or red for a girls changing room and blue for a boys. so like i sed other than that they are fairly nodescriped making them and unpsersonal space one thing i find interesting tho is that from my own exsperience in school that people love the opertuity to personalise there lockers and make them there own, they like to bring somthing of them selfs to this tinny little space that among everything is there own.

In all these images the girl just seems to be a bit lost in this lonely enviroment. these image show the viewer a use of public space were there true image of this person may not be convaed completly were as if this were shot in the subjects home or more imperticuler her bed room then we would get a very personal feel with these images and that i feel is why the photogrpher choose the space that he did so that there were not other message cross read into this image.


Dinu Li

Here is some work by the artist Dinu Li


this work is dealing with people that have move to england and may not have a phone in there flat or were ever it is they live so they end up using a pay fone to call family friends who ever. The thing i find interesting about this is that the subjects have left the photographer intrude on what i feel is a privet thing making a phone call. as a viewer i almost feel like i am in there with them. i find my self really intersted to no whats being said in the conversations.

I like the idea of sneaking in on some ones privet personal space i like the idea of conversation taking place but in personal spaces were no one out side these space can lissen or atleast shouldnt be able to. people in cars having conversations safely in there privercy people in phone box’s

phone box’s!

try getting pictures of people in fone box’s from within the phone box’s itself. a place that is straglely seen as privet. you would go there to make a phone call on your own with out the inclusion of other people. however phone boxes are brightly coloured which attracts the gase of passers by and also what is even wierder is that they are at least over 50% glass so people can see your every move. This has made me think who use phone boxes anymore, with a mager part of the population if not most have mobliephones. in these modern days we live in are phone boxes leaving are streets. the only kind of people i could think that would us phone boxes are poepl who are making secretive calles that they cant do at home or they cant do on there moblie as it may show up on phone history or phone bills. perhaps people buying or selling drugs, people having effairs. who noes.


This wont work i cnt get in to the phone box to take a photo at the same time as some one is in the phone box.i am going to have to take pictures from out side the phone box. i think if i did this in a documentary style it would work best as i will get really exsprestions instead of models trying to act out what i ask of them.




Here are a few photos i have taken i don’t like them i think i just need to keep shooting i need to shoot loads and loads in the hope of snapping that moment in time i am looking for. i am finding it hard to invade peoples personal space i dnt feal conforabul doing this even tho im not that close to the subject as i am shooting with a massive lens.

More Research

i have gone back and had another look at duni li’s work trying to find perhaps more insperation. this time i opend my eyes more and had a browder look at his work i perticulery like the series called Secret Shadows and found that altho it didnt directly fit with the phone box idea that i am working on it does lend its self very well to this idea of personal spaces. anyways here it is.





The reason that i feel this work fit well with the personal space brief is because this work is all about how people have more to England from abroad and set up home in a new house or flat. lots of people us there home to make  some kind of statment. they us there home and an extention of there personality. poeple do this by decorating there homes and filling them with persetions that say somthing aobut themselfs. as u can see this work has photos of small earas of peoples home as its not trying to get a shot like u would for a funitch advert were you wont the hole room in shot and shown off to the best it can be but dinu li is focusing on the small very personal items that can be found around these homes that speak volumes about some more than the colour skeem of a room could tell u.

the image of a tv with and map on it tells u so much about the person. i may not no what the corect reading is but i would see this image  to me a longing for home an longing to see family and friends that have been left behind. i get this from the map which first makes me think of travel or wonting to go or be some were. then i see hiden behind a bag of sugur a photograph of what i gess is a friend or family member. now if u put these to clues together along with the face that we no this work to be about poeple coming to a new contry then u should see that this reprsents a longing for home or a longing to see some one left back home.

now the image with a towel hanging on a door and a box makes me thing that this person isnt staying. that this isnt going to be there long term home. i think this becouse the person has boxes in there room like they havnt quite unpacted yet or like they are packing up to leave. also the righting on the box being chines or japaines showing a that they have brought a peace of home with them and maybe held on to somthing as stupid as a carboard box just becouse in some small way it might remind them of home.

so in this images dinu li has gone out to document peoples personal space but by showing perseshons that they keep close and treasher dear to themselfs as aposed to looking at the way they may choose to decerat. u may notice that in all these images the rooms dont look like they have been decerated it looks more like person after person has moved in and out of these homes with out puting there own stamp on the rooms apart from these personal perseshions.


looking at this work has made me think about travelers. im thinking about how these people how may leave there normal lives and go around the world for a period of time maybe not around the world but travel from place to place not really living in a home but living in hotels hostels sleeping in friends homes these people in a one scens of the word personal space dnt have any there living in envroments that have already be decerated with out there input they cnt make this places there own. one way to make it there own is like the people in dinu li’s work have done.

Images from next shoot




After shooting more i still think that this isnt working my heart isnt in it anymore as it just seem to be going no wer. I do have a few shoots that i can us at this point tho so thats a plus.

i think that i have tryed to take on a project that has become a documentry project were i dnt have any interst this is why i feel it hasnt work that well

If there was more time i would like to do somthing different maybe phone boxes could still featcher but i would like to move away from looking at invadeing peoples privet space and love more at forceing people together. i could put loads of poeple sqwashed together in a phone box it could be quite a funny image or i could come at it from a more abstracted view and just focuse on small parts of the phone boxs with all the people still cramed in and see what kind of effct i get out of that.

All in all i dnt like this work i think it is badly shot there hasnt been much through go into it that lead to this out come i really needed to conect more with reseach to help me pull may ideas feaver.

More of my work

January 5, 2008


After completeing this project i a prity happy with the resualts of the work that i got. altho there is room for improvement i felt that the lighting needed to be looked at. After working with a 5 x 4 camer i have enjoyed the challenge and getting to no these camera better has given me more conferdence and hopfully keep using this in the futcher if using this camer suit  a perticuler project that i may be working on. The slow prosece that using 5 x 4 has made me work in is help full and i am going to carry this through into other work as it make me cosider much more what is included with in the image why it is inclueded and what its relevence to the idea is.



Here is an other shoot i have done this one hasn’t worked as good tho, the shot is to cluttered and there are to any shadows of things like the lamp and the bit of the wall that sticks out all this takes away from the focus from the model. Also colours coming off the tv have bled to much and the images just come out looking strange almost like when i tried to recreate that effect with coloured assert ate. they also have a slight different feel as u can see most of teh model were as the others you cans so i loose some of the consistantsy that goes with the rest of my images. i think this one is a right off or there is alot to change in a re-shoot.



After a critque with a visiting lecture i desired to re-shoot this photo as the first one was to dark. having done this i think it now fits into the sieres better however i would like this image some were in between this and its darker version in fact i think if all my images were darker it would be better as i think it makes the images feel a little bit more lonely. my message being about tv and the internet how u can talk on chat rooms and things like facebook to millions of people but at the end of they day ur still on ur own there is no substertute for physical human interaction. don’t let the the media and internet take away are lives were will it end.

the second image is the one i am going with but unedited i have chosen this one as there is no light  on the front of the laptop and there is in the others. This is because i had to cheet and not use just the light of the laptop i used a light as well to add extra light. By using the image with the light not on the front of the laptop it should hopefully come across as  just the light from the laptop. i would have liked  to colours better to look more like the colours from the screen but again the lamp adds some yellowy worth . saying all that i think it is a successful image.


Here is a contact sheet with some images that are being used for final images on. i am pretty happy with this project tho there are some things i would like to re-shoot in fact i would love to re-shoot everything to get it perfect however here is not more time. i have enjoyed doing this so much that i think i am going to keep working on this in my own time to create a larger body off work on this subject. hopefully getting it marked will help me to stear my next steps closer to perfection.

crit with Dinu Li

these images above are for image that i have taken to a visiting lecture that lecture being Dinu Li. This was quite scary for me i have never really shown my work to any one else be4 other than teach that i have had or my peers.

we sat there for around 20 mins and disscused my work he looked at my work then we talked aboubt the idea. in a preves crit i was told to make what it was that the subjects are looking at clearer. however Dinu Li sed that he like the fact he didnt no it ment that any one viewing the work can make this dessition for them selfs it could be any think they could be checking there email or they are talking to some one on the internet who noes. i was told that the image of a man in his under were waqs the best chose beacuse ot would bring about different conertations that what i wonted. more sexual ones but he sed this is fine maybe the man is watching porn maybe the girl is watching porn maybe they all are does this really matter.

I told Dinu that becouse i was working on 5 x 4 it was slowing my proses down and making me think more about what i do more. it made me stop and cosider every little detail as apposed to my normal aproach which would be more frow away photography maybe not cosidering every little details. he told me that if that is a kind of approach that works for me then dnt move away from it the same to anyone who has an approach that works for them why change it if its not broken.

Saying that i did keep working in this new more cosiderit way as i felt it was better that my old style, and here are some of the result from working like this.

More research!

January 4, 2008

Shauna Frischkorn

Here is an artist that was shown to me again dealing with similar subjects. This series is called ” Game Boys” its a series of portraits of people playing computer games. i really like the darkness of the background this is similar to one of the images i have done i would like to take my images this way maybe not quite as dark still keeping a small bit of detail in the background but nothing to descriptive about the model in shot as i am trying to keep them pretty neutral as they simply represent the public.

My work.

This picture i feel is similar to the work of Frischkorn

I really like the way the model is engulfed by the darkness and how the light falls more or less just on the model not letting u explore the surrounding’s i think this is good as u don’t get distracted by anything else and focus on the model saying that i dnt think the image works as well as its more a portrait almost unlike the rest the face is easy to see and recognize but as i said before i would like the model to become a symbol almost.

More research!

January 4, 2008

Paul Graham

Here is some work by the photographer paul graham.


The main reson i am looking at this work is for the subject matter as its so similer to mine. a range of people photographed while there watching the tv with just a little bit of imformation left in the background maybe to help the viewer get a feel for the person within the image. In his work he has lite his the hole room to make shore his models are well lite as his work is more portraits driven where as mine is less of a protrait in facted so far the faces of my models have been coming out bleeched and i saw this as a problem i nee to figer out, however i now wont it this way as i wont to keep the identety of my models slightly hidden as the models are there to repercent people instead of reprecenting a individual person.

I think the main thing that has come about from looking at this seires of work is that i need to look at a wide age group my only truble is finding models!

Todd Deutsch

This seires intitled Gamers is by the photographere Todd Deutsch.

This seires of work is again along similar lines as the work i looked at by Paul Graham looking at gamers playing on there computers or consuls instead of people watching tv. In this work the lighting is closer to the kind of light i am after its seems to have quite dierectional light and most of the images seem like there is probably only one light source. In this work like the other work they have chosen to exclude the tv, computer or monitor what ever it maybe were as in my work i think i need to keep atleast a small part of the tv or monitor in shot to show the viewer were the light is coming from and then they can see its a tv or computer. This is so the viewer will then hopefully question what it is that the model is looking at what they are so transfixed with.

Vermeer remakes

January 4, 2008



This work is by an artist called Hendrick Kerstens. He was clearly inspired by Vermeer’s peace “The girl with a pearl earring” in these images he has replicated Vermeer’s work but then to make it his own put a twist on it, he has done this by putting modern clothing onto the model ( his daughter ) things like swimming hats , hair nets and towels. He has lite his images the same as u would expect of a Vermeer peace and also has use a background that is simple and plane allowing the model to stand out and not talking away to much of your focus. i really like this set off images but with my own work i would like to be less literal maybe making it so that it isn’t apparent at first that my influence has come form the dutch painter.






I have also been looking at work by the artist called Jonathan Janson again this artist has been replercating  Vermeer’s work still adding modern items but taking his inspiration form a broad range of his work instead of just “the girl with a pearl earing”

My ideas an work

January 3, 2008

After all the research i have done so far i have desided that i would like to make work basted around the asfetic quolitys of Vermeer’s work. trying to use the light in the same or similer way that he not to really botherd about the compersishion or objects in his work as I dont wont to take my work down a litteral path, making more or less remakes off his work not that there is anything rong with this. i just feel that there are many more ways to look at this and i would like to exsplore them. i also feel there is more room to put myself into the work if i am less litteral as there isnt as many rules for me to follow.

my first thourghs are to use a single light sorce to light up what ever my subject maybe, things like tv’s or computers, try and play around with some one sat watching tv and see how well the light eloomenates them and there surrounding’s.

i think that just using a tv or computer screen will not give off enough light. to over come this im going to us light inside a hollow shell of a monitor as there will be more power from this.

First shoot

Here are my first attempts. i am not shore what i think about these first 2. I have played around with coloured assertate to try and give the effect of colours coming from the tv. also i have done this with a different colour in the last 2. for the other three i have just shot them with no fake colours just the light straight from the lamp inside the tv. i think that these work best. i chose for the module to be in his underwear as i think the idea behind this work is now becoming more about how people can be sucked in by tv and things on there computer ( The Media ) and loose hours off there lifes with out realising it. so i wonted it to have a feel off someone who was awake in the dead of night couldnt sleep perhaps and found them selfs sat for a long time just stairing at a television. I am shore in some way people can relate to this as most people must have been unable to sleep some time in there lifes and sat up all night whatching trash.

These photographs need a bit of touching up before any of them can be used but after that i think i will keep working in this way and shoot some more with different modules in different locations and see how this can develope.


After having a small group critique points were raised. one point being that to have the model in his underwear may give off the wrong conations changing the meaning off what i am doing and making people think maybe more sexual thoughts were as this was not ment. The model in his underwear was ment to say that it was night time he was in bed but just got up as he couldn’t sleep. So maybe try this again with clothing that is less suggestive to the viewer. The second point that was brought to my attention was that i should try and use the light from a tv instead of putting fake lights inside because then maybe i would get slight colour casts but ones that look really as apposed to completely flooding out the picture by using asertate.

So back to the drawing bored to try this again with these points in mind.

Second shoot

Second shoot tried using a different model and this time using a computer also i haven’t messed around with the lighting i decide to take the advise i was given and tried using the light from the computer.




I think that this was quite a successful shoot i liked using the lighting of the computer as it gave a more really feeling plus it was quite fun because it was kind of random the kind of colours that i would get as the colours on the screen were changing all the time. One problem i have come across after doing this shoot as it was a spear of the moment shoot i use equitement that wasn’t mine and didn’t think that so far i have shoot my work on 6-6 were as this i shoot on 6-7 so i am going to have to make shore i make an appropriate crop to make it fit in with the rest.

As far as shooting on 6-6 goes i am enjoying it i am definitely thinking more and more about every little detail that may effect my images is each shoot is that bit more precious than on digital or 35ml.

Moving Forward

Now that i have used both the actual light off a tv and also tried to recreate the light myself using lamps i feel that it is better to use the actual light coming from the tv or monitor what ever it might be as u get a serten realism about it which adds grounding to the picture and i feel puts more emfersise on the tv which is a big part. It becomes more tv related than just becoming lighting.

Next shoot

With the making of these images i was challenged a bit more than the shoots i had done before. This was because i was using a laptop which had a small screen meaning that there was less light given out, making it almost impossible to shoot if i had the shutter speed any slower there would be movement from the model. I feel that this image needs to be lighter but no much just so u can see a small bit of the background instead of just complete darkness other than that i think it works well.




the work of Paul Plews.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Here are the works off aword wining Paul Plews and ex photography student at blackpool univercity. These are a remake of a modlen classic the take from the work of j vermeer using the stlyiscs that vermeer also used and also dressing his modles in a symiler way not the same cloths but somthing from that earer classicly tradistional clothing. hes use a very dull background with nothing going on so that the views vision is not detracted from the subject that is were your focuse lies. This work is going to be very good to help me if i keep them in mind when doing my work they are so like the classics from vermeer but photographs so using the too to comper from each other and help me move my work on.


January 2, 2008



Tom  Hunter


Here are to photos by the photographer Tom Hunter another artist i have been researching that has clearly been looking at the work of Vermeer. he has used a window to light his subjects in the same way that Vermeer is famus for doing. One thing i like about Hunters work is the deep shadows especially in the top photo as they really contrast from the colours.


Gregory Credson

gregory crewdson

Here is a peace of work that has influenced my ideas off what i wont to do for this project. i really like this photo the main thing that interest me is the man in the foreground watching tv or at least looking like he is. I really like how the light from the tv falls upon this character. exploring the uses of a tv as a light source could be fun to play around with.



January 1, 2008




Here are some of Vermeer’s works of art. I am starting by looking at his work to get a feel for the style. Paying attention to things like the colour pallet, definitely looking at the lighting as that I feel is one of the main characteristics of his painting. Thinking how I could possibly take some of these opponents and add them to my own practise.


This peace is title “Girl with pearl earring” this is quiet different from most of Vermeer’s work for one there is no window in the picture, and it’s a close up portrait as apposed to his work with lots of other items included in the shot however apart from the plain black background the colours of the cloths that the model is wearing are typical off his colour pallet.